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Where to Train My Dog

The Best Places to Train Your Dog

These days, a pet parent has plenty of opportunities to train their dog: ranging from at home (whether alone or with a private dog trainer/Zoom trainer) to the dog park (great for dog socializing) to group obedience classes at retail pet stores (like Petco and Petsmart) or the local humane society. The best places to train your dog can be found everywhere around you!


Home Training Your Dog

Train At Home

Watch training videos, book a personal or Zoom dog trainer, or practice obedience training with your pup

Training at the dog park

Train At the Dog Park

With so many distractions, smells, and noises, the dog park is a great place to practice socializing and play training

Group Dog Training

Group Training Classes

Retail pet stores Petco and Petsmart, as well as local Humane Societies, offer affordable group dog training classes

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Dog Training Tools Toys

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Dog Behavior Correction

Behavior Correction

What dog behavior do you want to change? Find a training solution in our Behavior Correction Library for the most common problem behaviors.

Training dog blog stories

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