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Dog lovers rejoice! At Dog Training Newbie, we are all dog lovers who love writing about raising and training dogs. Our writers are experienced dog trainers, so you get the facts directly from the pros. Easily access dog training tips for newbies in one place without all the hours of searching Google, YouTube, and TikTok!

Devene dog trainer

Devene Godau, CPDT-KA

Certified Dog Trainer/Writer

Devene obtained a BA in Journalism from Michigan State University and spent several years working in marketing. However, when she adopted her first greyhound (who came with some behavior challenges), she began researching ways to modify her problem behavior and found help with a local dog trainer. She became a volunteer assistant to learn more, and eventually started teaching classes and conducting private lessons. She then spent 2 years working with puppies that were in training to become scent detection dogs.

She has recently returned to the pet dog training world where she is excited to help owners and their dogs build stronger relationships.

Devene lives in Michigan with her husband and kids, as well as 4 dogs, 2 cats and a tortoise.

Morgan Messick photo

Morgan Merrick

Former Vet Tech/Writer & Editor

Morgan Messick is a content creator for Dog Training Newbie, a website that is all about dog training tips, techniques, news, and more. Morgan has two dogs, three cats, and a lovely wife who support her passion for writing. Morgan loves reading murder mystery novels and listening to true crime podcasts in her spare time. She is also passionate about supporting small businesses by creating dynamic content that customers want to see.

Dog Training Newbie Nikki



Growing up with golden retrievers, several cats, a chameleon, and a couple birds, site founder and researcher Nikki learned at a young age the importance of effective pet training. Today, she enjoys researching dog training solutions to behavioral issues and working with dog training writers to bring the most useful tips to dog training "newbies". 

She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and 2 cats.

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