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Best Dog Training Solutions, Tools, and Toys for New Pup Parents

Dog Behavior Correction

Use Training to Correct Dog Behavior BEFORE It Becomes an Issue

Are you looking for a training solution for your dog’s unwanted behavior? You’re in the right place–on this page, you can browse through our Dog Behavior Correction Library to find the right training for your misbehaving dog.

Training by Dog Life Stage

Training by Life Stage

Whether you're training a puppy or an older shelter dog, we have gathered the best training tips by each dog life stage.

Aggression & Dominance

Aggression & Dominance

Is your older dog aggressive with the new pup? Does your dog think HE/SHE is the boss? Train your dog to OBEY your commands.

Dog sleeping in crate

Crate & Kennel Training

Many dog owners swear by crate training, especially while housebreaking. Learn how to use this handy tool to reinforce training.

Dog Digging


Got holes in the yard and gaps under the fence? Persuade your dog to stop digging with these training tips.

Escaping dog

The Escape Artist

Whether your dog goes over/under the fence, runs around the neighborhood, or regularly opens its crate latch, we'll help you find a creative solution.


Fearful & Reactive Dog

Fearful & Reactive

Got an uneasy, growling dog or a dog that flips out when it sees another dog? Reduce fear and reactiveness using trust-building exercises.

Puppy pooping in the house

Housebreaking & Potty Training

Successfully start potty training and housebreaking your dog as soon as it comes home.

Dog Jumping on guest

Hyper, Excitable & Jumping

Is your dog overly enthusiastic, pouncing excitedly on guests? Turn this behavior around quickly so that small children aren't knocked over.


Leash Reactive Dog

Leash Walking

Dog won't walk on a leash? Detailed training instructions to start leash walking on a positive note from the beginning.

Dog chewed pillow

Mouthy (Biting/Chewing)

Biting, chewing, and eating everything in the house--oh my! Stop the damage to your furniture and shoes with this training.


Dog howling barking

Noisy (Crying/Howling)

Barking, crying, and howling dogs better beware--we cover the best training tips to quiet and soothe the noisy canines.


Request More Training

My Dog's Bad Behavior isn't Listed

Choose this category to request training tips for your dog's behavior problem.

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