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8 Reasons to Love Online Dog Training

Consider Online Dog Training

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Overwhelmed by dog trainingFeeling overwhelmed by the task of training your furry friend? After all, there’s much to teach–from potty training and obedience to proper leash etiquette and socialization. Luckily, you’re not on your own–online dog training can start you (and your pup) on the path to good behavior!


Not sure if an online trainer is right for you? Here are eight reasons to consider giving one a try.

1. Personalized Training

train any dog breed onlineWhen you sign up for an online dog training class, a professional trainer may offer personalized guidance and support throughout your pup’s training journey. And because these highly-experienced trainers work with all types of dogs, they can help you troubleshoot any issues that come up along the way. Plus, online dog trainers won’t restrict their students based on age, breed, or vaccine status, as many in-person trainers are required to do.

2. Open Access To a Wealth of Training Resources

Dog Training for NewbiesIn addition to one-on-one guidance from a professional trainer, most online dog training courses also include a variety of helpful resources like video tutorials, downloadable manuals, and even bonus audio files. Access to this vast library of resources means that you’ll always have something to refer back to if you need a refresher on a particular topic or run into a snag during your pup’s training.

3. Learn At Your Own Pace

TimingOne of the best things about taking an online dog training class is that you and your pup can learn at your own pace. Instead of feeling pressured to keep up with the rest of the class, you and your dog can take as much time as you need to master each lesson before moving on to the next. This flexibility is especially beneficial if you have a busy schedule or need to take frequent breaks throughout the day to attend to other commitments.

4. Train From the Comfort of Your Home

Dog Training at Home

Another advantage of online dog training classes is that they are on the internet, allowing you to train your pup from the comfort of your home. With online classes, there is no need to worry about traveling to/from class or dealing with bad weather conditions (stressful for you and your dog). Plus, this format makes it easy to fit training into your busy schedule without the hassle.

5. Create A Stronger Bond With Your Pup

bonding with your dogOne of the best parts about taking an online dog training class is that it gives you quality bonding time with your four-legged friend. Bonding is essential for building a strong relationship with your pup and is critical for its overall well-being. Working together to learn new tricks and commands during each training session creates an opportunity for fun together, while also teaching important skills that will last a lifetime.

6. Get Started Immediately

start online dog training todayIf you choose an online dog training class, you can start immediately. There’s no need to wait for class schedules or worry about finding a class that meets at a time that works for you. You can log in and start learning whenever it’s convenient, regardless of the time or place. This type of flexibility can be highly beneficial to those with an alternative schedule, such as night-shift employees or those who work on a rotating shift schedule.

7. Fewer Distractions

Fewer DistractionsOne of the most important parts of training your dog is to ensure that it can focus on you and the task at hand. In a traditional group class, there are often a lot of distractions–other dogs and people walking by–which can make it difficult for your dog to pay attention. Distractions can lead to frustration for both of you.


In a private online class, however, it’s just you and your dog — no distractions. Whether you’re dealing with a shy dog or one prone to excitement, an online class can provide the perfect environment for learning. And since you can take the course at your own pace, you can rewatch lessons as needed until you and your pup master the skills.

8. High-Quality Training, Lower Cost

affordable online trainingOne of the most significant benefits of online classes is that they are often more affordable than local, in-person class options. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that online courses can be attended by anyone in the world, allowing instructors to reach a larger audience. This increased demand helps to drive down the cost of online classes, making them more accessible to dog owners on a budget.


In addition, many online courses offer discounts, free trials, or free training workshops, further reducing costs. As a result, online dog training classes provide a great way to save money on training without sacrificing quality.


There are many reasons to consider online dog training – the eight reasons listed above are just a few of the most important ones. Online dog training can teach owners how to train their dogs more effectively and at their own pace, without restrictive class schedules. In addition, online dog training is often more affordable (and comprehensive) than local, in-person classes.


Have you tried an online dog training class with your pup? If so, how did it go? Let us know in the comments below.


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Morgan Messick
Morgan Messick

Morgan is a content creator for Dog Training Newbie, a website that is all about dog training tips, techniques, news, and more. Morgan has two dogs, three cats, and a lovely wife who support her passion for writing.

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